MSP Good Practices

MSP Good Practices

marine spatial planningWhat are good practices in marine spatial management?

Good practice is a difficult term to define. What is good practice in one marine spatial planning situation may not necessarily be good for another. We do not think there is only one way to do marine spatial planning.

The idea is to get people talking and thinking about what has worked. We want to transfer insights represented in these good practices. Good practice is an example of a successful way to perform a process. And once these practices are implemented there are always new lessons to be learned and new ways to do something that are even better.

We use the term “good practice” rather than “best practice” because the latter implies someone has figured out the final answer. Since marine spatial planning is a relatively new field of practice, there are many good ways to perform its individual tasks. Examples of good practice can help us getting started. Discovering how people have already done things provides opportunities to rethink how we might do things, which in turn gives us the opportunity to think about how to change what we do in light of this new information.

If you know about good practices in marine spatial planning, please contact us so we can incorporate that work in our analysis and share your success with other people in the field.


Where to find good practices in marine spatial management?

The examples of good practice on this website are organized around the fundamental steps of the marine spatial planning process (pdf, 219 KB). For examples of good practice of the individual tasks of marine spatial planning, explore the 10 steps below.

UNESCO's Step-by-step Approach for Marine Spatial Planning toward Ecosystem-based Management" offers a 10-step guide on how to get a marine spatial plan started in your region. Explore the guide by choosing steps here.

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