The Republic of Cyprus has a territorial sea of 14,000 km2 and an exclusive economic zone of just over 98,000 km2.  It does not yet have a national marine spatial plan, but a regional pilot plan for the Limassol area has been completed in 2015. Currently Cyprus has no MSP authorising legislation. Under the EU Directive on Maritime Spatial Planning Cyprus will be required to implement a maritime spatial plan by 2021.

The Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works, Department of Merchant Shipping, is the federal ministry responsible for MSP.

For more information, see the European MSP Platform website (



Authority:Not specified
Lead Planning Agency:Department of Merchant Shipping
Financing:Not known or approved at this time
Size of Planning Area:50,000-100,000 km2
Time required to complete the plans:More than 4 years
Drivers of MSP:Need for a more integrated approach; Economic growth concerns; Perceived conflicts among uses, e.g., marine mining v. fishing; New and emerging uses of the marine area, e.g., wind energy, aquaculture
Stakeholder participation:Throughout the MSP process.
Sectors included in planning:Domestic Commercial Fishing; Aquaculture; Marine Transport; Ports; Offshore Oil & Gas; Recreation & Tourism; Military; Underwater Cultural Heritage; Marine Conservation; Coastal Land Uses
Relation to coastal management:Strong connection to adjacent coastal management program
Relation to marine protected area management:Not specified
Plan approval:Planning underway
Legal Status of Plan:Advisory/Strategic
Plan revision:Not specified
Performance monitoring and evaluation:Not specified