Estonia has a territorial sea covering about 25,000 km2 and an exclusive economic zone of about 11,000 km2. The government of Estonia does not yet have a national marine spatial plan, but progress is being made. Two two pilot regional plans for Hiiu Island and Parnu Bay have been completed.

Marine areas (internal waters, territorial sea) are “public waters” under the Water Act of Estonia. This means that marine areas are owned by Estonia and regional or local authorities do not have any planning rights in the sea.

Planning in the territorial sea and EEZ is based on the Estonian Planning Act (2015) and a national governmental order in 2012. Two pilot maritime spatial plans, stimulated by interest in offshore renewable energy, are based on this order. Marine spatial plans in other marine areas will be based on a new order from the government, which will go into effect in early 2017. The two existing plans will be included in the national plan for Estonian marine areas.

For more information, see the European MSP Platform website (


Authority:National legislation
Lead Planning Agency:Estonian Ministry of Finance
Financing:Total funding for planning: less than US$1,000,000. Sustained funding for implementation not known or approved at this time.
Size of Planning Area:10,000-50,000 km2
Time required to complete the plans:2-4 years
Drivers of MSP:New and emerging uses of the marine area, e.g., wind energy; Aquaculture; Economic growth concerns; Need for a more integrated approach
Stakeholder participation:Throughout the MSP process.
Sectors included in planning:All
Relation to coastal management:No coastal management program to connect to.
Relation to marine protected area management:Existing and future MPAs incorporated in the management plan
Plan approval:Planning underway
Legal Status of Plan:Regulatory and enforceable
Plan revision:Review/revision more than every 5 years
Performance monitoring and evaluation:Plan has not been revised yet