The National Planning Strategy

In October 2013 the Minister of the Environment and Natural Resources directed the National Planning Agency (Skipulagsstofnun) to begin work on a new National Planning Strategy (2015-2026), a strategy document, not a marine spatial plan, but one that provides a context for MSP.

The National Planning Strategy is a process for managing all planning in Iceland and its content, format and process are still being developed. It is expected that work on the National Planning Strategy (2015-2026) will propose new initiatives while an effort will be made to further develop the work already done in the first National Planning Strategy (2011-2013).

The National Planning Strategy is based on the Planning Act. The Minister for the Environment and Natural Resources must submit to the Alþingi (National Parliament) a proposal for a parliamentary resolution regarding a national planning strategy for a 12-year period within two years of parliamentary elections.  It will propose a policy on planning that is intended to ensure common interests in local authority plans and to support sustainable development and efficient planning.

The National Planning Strategy is based on the objectives presented in the Planning Act and in official plans, including government policy making on sustainability as well as analysis regarding planning and planning developments in Iceland.  It will be implemented primarily through sub-national plans.



Authority:National Planning Strategy 2015 - 2026 (National legislation)
Lead Planning Agency:National Planning Agency
Financing:Funding for planning from general government revenues (less than US$1,000,000); Sustained funding for implementation not known or approved in December 2016
Size of Planning Area:More than 100,000 km2
Time required to complete the plans:2-4 years
Drivers of MSP:Need for a more integrated approach; Perceived conflicts among uses (Eg marine mining versus fishing); Perceived conflicts between uses and nature conservation; New and emerging uses of the marine area (eg wind energy, aquaculture)
Stakeholder participation:All stakeholders engaged throughout the MPS Process
Sectors included in planning:Environment, Economic Development, Fisheries, Aquaculture, Ports,
Marine Mining/Aggregate Extraction , Tourism, Coastal Land Use
Relation to coastal management:No coastal management program to connect to
Relation to marine protected area management:Not specified
Plan approval:Plan approved by government or relevant authority
Legal Status of Plan:Advisory/Strategic
Plan revision:Review/revision every 4-5 years
Performance monitoring and evaluation:Plan has not been revised yet